Learn more about the benefits of NTX®


While Federal regulations limit what we can say about NTX®, here are answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.

What is NTX?
NTX is a technology developed to evolve spirits by making them functional and smarter.

How is it made?
NTX is a result of the efforts of multiple pharmaceutical PhDs working for more than 10 years to make your drinking experience smarter, yet still fun. It is a patented blend of ingredients made specifically to be infused into alcoholic beverages.

Is it safe?
Yes. The NTX formulation consists of a proprietary blend of ingredients all of which are classified by the FDA as GRAS, which stands for Generally Recognized As Safe.

Does it have side effects?
Our studies show that there are no added side effects associated with drinking alcoholic beverages with NTX apart from those experienced from consuming any other alcoholic beverages. With NTX you will feel better that you have made a smarter choice for your body.

Will NTX impact my Buzz?
No. NTX was specially formulated to make spirits smarter without affecting the buzz factor.

I am young and healthy. Do I need NTX?
Alcoholic beverages increase stress on the body regardless of one's age. Drinking spirits with NTX is about being smart and living smart.

Is NTX only for heavy drinkers?
The benefits of NTX can be experienced by all, but that does not mean that we encourage excessive drinking. We therefore urge you to always drink responsibly and in moderation.

Does NTX change the taste of my beverage?
NTX is a combination of ingredients which, when blended with alcoholic beverages, carries very little taste. Your tongue might not be able to tell the difference, but your body will.

Does it work in all types of alcohol?
Yes, the current version of NTX is made specifically to evolve all alcoholic beverages, various types of spirits are now being introduced with NTX.

Is it expensive?
No. We have worked hard to make NTX a mainstream product. Alcoholic beverages infused with NTX are no more or less expensive than any other alcoholic beverages on the market. Spirits made with NTX sell at a competitive price.

Why is NTX the smarter way to drink?
We drink spirits because of the positive experiences we derive from them. If there were a smarter way to experience alcohol without having to sacrifice the positive experience, wouldn’t that be the smarter way to drink?

How did you go about testing NTX?
We have done many studies and trials to validate the effectiveness of this product. The process and protocols are similar to what we would use to validate a pharmaceutical product. This is as sophisticated as it gets.

Why did you decide to develop this technology?
Cutting edge technologies have always been used to enhance our quality of life. Technology has reached the point where the same can be done with alcohol beverages too, so why not?

Are there future applications planned for NTX?
We are constantly conducting research to make NTX even better. Research is ongoing to make alcohol beverages even smarter through NTX.

Where can I get NTX?
NTX is a technology made specifically to be infused into alcoholic beverages during the manufacturing process. We are currently partnering with distilled spirits manufacturers across the globe who are creating a number of alcoholic beverage brands made with NTX. Some brands made with NTX should be available at your local spirits retailers very soon.